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There are many ways to estimate taxi fares and one of them is online taxi estimation applications. Taxi fares are likewise determined in different ways. In the least complex situation, a taxi may only agree on a fixed price for the journey. For instance, a cab in Orange County may charge a fixed rate for a trip to Disneyland or a nearby hotel. These fares usually range from twenty to thirty dollars (USD), or may be higher during seasonal peaks or during holidays. In a few cases, negotiation on a set price is also possible.

Here are all the factors that determine the total taxi fare:

  • Time
  • Usage Fee
  • Distance
  • Tip

 Taxi Fare Calculations

It is a well known fact that taxi fares have a relatively complicated formula for calculation, as these fares are charged based on the mileage, time, as well as the use. Right after hiring a taxi or climbing into it, you are charged a “use-fee”. This amount can be a couple of dollars, and sometimes much higher in crowded and congested places. The use fee cannot be increased as per the distance; it is set and usually starts when the driver turns on his meter. Mostly, the following stages determine cab fares based on mileage and time. Keep in mind, calculations of taxi fares are different everywhere, and there is no way to know exactly how it will work.  This is a very good tool to calculate taxi fares.

Why Time is Calculated?

Because not all taxis take the same amount of time to reach a particular destination. Heavy traffic and congested areas affect taxi fares. So, additional charges may apply for the set amount of minutes. And taxi drivers, like every other profession, really have to charge for their time, as they cannot control many factors like heavy traffic, or even bad weather. So if the taxi gets stuck in traffic, you are going to pay more because the trip will naturally take longer.

Taxi Cab

Further Calculations

Most of the time, taxi fares charge both for distance traveled and for minutes the cab is used. The installed meter usually charges per tenth of a mile or a quarter, but if the ride takes a lot of time (longer than expected time), then additional charges per amount of minutes might likewise be applied. In a short ride, you may expect to pay the mileage as well as the use fee; however, this will not incorporate a time fee. The time fee will be assessed if the ride is long due to traffic or other unforeseen factors.

Bottom Line

Tips are also expected by the taxi drivers, which ranges from 8 to 10% of the fare; however, it depends on the level of service provided by the driver. Keep in mind that tipping is not necessary and it is not considered as a taxi fare; it is up to you, and is always the passenger’s discretion. There are many “taxi fare estimators” available online for your convenience. You can also download different mobile applications to estimate your taxi fares. Of course it varies based on the country you are in, the currency in that country, and the level of service you choose. A limousine ride is going to be much more expensive than a standard taxi. Just do your research prior to your trip, and that is the best way to control costs and also have a nice experience.

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Author: Glenn Tuohy

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