Handling a Dirty Hotel Room

If you have ever done a lot of traveling and you know that there are not many things worse than a dirty hotel room. The hotel room does not have to be a luxury and exclusive room to be enjoyable, but cleanliness and upkeep really are a must. There’s nothing worse than having stains, dirt, or worse than a hotel room in you are traveling to have an enjoyable time. We stayed in a hotel in Georgia several years ago and did not arrive that the hotel until late at night. When we walked in there was an inch of water on the floor but it was so late that we were willing to overlook this very gross hotel room. And then we climbed into bed and found hair in the bed. It was utterly gross!

Another situation that happened during our travel was when we went to a hotel in Daytona Beach, FL and stayed at a mid-range hotel. We did not expect it to be a luxury hotel, we also did not expect it to be completely dirty. Well this hotel was completely disgusting and we will not say its name here, but let’s just say that you would recognize it. The carpets were stained and gross, and even smelled. The hotel did fix the situation and called Daytona Beach carpet cleaning company who came in and really did a great job. They fixed everything in less than 2 hours, and their stain removal in Daytona Beach was indeed very professional.  We were very impressed with this carpet cleaning company.

Fixing Problems on Your Journey

Dirty Hotel RoomThat brings up another good point, but when you do have the situation your hotel room while traveling the most important thing is that the hotel or resort rectify the situation as quickly as possible so that your stay and be enjoyable from that point on. What makes things really bad is that when you have a problem with your hotel room or your luxury accommodation and the staff at the hotel do not respond to your concerns, and you just have to deal with the situation at hand. That is the situation that becomes very frustrating to deal with and make sure travel plans very unpleasant.

Clean and Fresh Carpets

We have noticed in our travel over the years that one of the most important factors in a nice hotel room is having clean and unstained carpets. If you have carpets that are stained, or even worse they smell, then your room can be very hard to sleep in. Not to mention you will have an overall uneasy feeling about the hotel, and also wonder about the food and beverages and everything in general. However, if you walk into your hotel room in the carpets are spotless and the room smells good, and you’ll likely have an overall very positive impression even if you have a little dust in the room.

If you are traveling and want to attempt to clean the stains yourself, here is a video on how to do this without any tools or cleaning equipment:

The best way to make sure that you book the nicest hotel possible but also meet your budget is to do research on line before you leave for your trip. If you do this you can find out a great deal of information and generally know exactly what to expect when you arrive at your travel destination. We have found that online reviews are generally very truthful and very helpful in determining the best place to stay given our budget that we’re traveling on.Learn more about how to overcome travel sickness which can ruin any trip.

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Author: Glenn Tuohy

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