Dealing with the Red Eye

We have all heard of redeye flights and how difficult they can be to adjust to see you are not exhausted when you travel. Taking a redeye means the travel is very late and you will likely lose a lot of sleep and therefore have red eyes. There are ways to avoid being exhausted when you have late travel, and all you have to do is properly planned for the week before you are scheduled to leave. This is easier said than done as life often times is very busy in full of hectic schedules, but if you take a little time to plan your trip accordingly you will save yourself this difficulty.

First of all, if your flight leaves late in the evening it is best to get very little sleep the night before so that when you do travel the next night you will be very very tired and will likely be able to fall asleep during travel. However if you start your travel on a regular schedule you will likely be kept up and not get any good sleep and thereby leading to a very tiresome trip. So the next time travel travel late make sure you stay up very late and only get a few hours sleep and then keep your normal routine the next day so that when you travel you will be very tired and will likely be able to fall asleep during the entire flight.

Another tip to being able to relax properly on the plane is to make sure that you have a good pillow and a good blanket while you travel so that you will be comfortable and relaxed. If you do this you will likely be able to get some sleep and unable to relax. Another idea, although this is not for everyone, is to have a cocktail to relax you during the flight which many times can make you sleepy. If you are not a drinker that is fine, just try to relax your body and think about things that make you happy and comfortable.

If you do all of these things you will likely fall asleep on your flight and avoid the dreaded redeye. And even if you don’t fall asleep follow these ideas and you’ll at least be comfortable and have an enjoyable flight.

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Author: Glenn Tuohy

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