Choosing the Right Airport for Your Travel

Determining the right airport to fly out of is important if you are looking for low stress travel. If you have a number of options in terms of airports to choose from when traveling, it is nearly always best to use a smaller, quieter airport. If you live in a big city, you might not have any choice in terms of what airport you have to use. This is the case for many travelers, unfortunately.

However, if you do have a number of options in terms of the airport that you use for travel, and always choose the smaller airport. It will just save you so much hassle and headache. I lived in Jacksonville for a number of years in the 1990s, and I used to fly out of Daytona Beach Airport just because it was so much easier to deal with. My cousin lives in Ormond Beach and owns a tree service company, and I would always park at his house and he would then drive me to the airport. He was very familiar with the airport as he did all of their tree service work. One thing you have to say about Daytona Beach airport, it always had the most beautiful trees.

And when you contrast this with flying out of a major international airport like Jacksonville or Atlanta, the difference is substantial. When I go to smaller airports I can arrive 1 hour before my flight leaves and have plenty of time to get everything done. However, when you fly out of a major international airport you have to arrive very early in you will always deal with so many headaches and problems. It is likely that you will have travel delays, lost luggage, schedule problems, and more.

Another great thing about traveling through smaller airports, is that you can park at the airport which makes dealing with luggage a lot easier. At the big airports you always have to look very hard for a parking space, or park at a local parking garage away from the airport, and then take a shuttle to the airport. Taking these shuttles is a real aggravation, as it means you have to handle all your luggage multiple times. And if you are carrying large and heavy bags, this can be a real hassle.

The one downside to traveling through smaller airports, is that they generally do not have the great restaurants and great shops like so many large airports. We flew through Houston International Airport last summer on the way to Mexico, and their airport is truly amazing! It is nicer than most upscale shopping malls, and had nearly every store and restaurant imaginable. You generally will never get that in a smaller, quieter local airport. So it is a trade-off, and really depends on what is important to you. For me, I will always take the hassle-free and quieter airport over the busy international hub.

Houston International Airport

So the advantages of smaller airports are as follows:

  1. Less preparation time
  2. Better parking
  3. Shorter wait times
  4. Smaller crowds

Once you get to your airport, learn more about best travel transport here.

Author: Glenn Tuohy

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