How to Avoid Excess Baggage Fees When Traveling

Excess Baggage FeesFinding cheap flights and affordable accommodation when traveling can certainly save you a lot of money. However, all the money saved goes to nothing when you have to pay for excess baggage fees. Making sure you’re not going over the weight limit when traveling can be challenging. But a lot of people make it easy!

Especially when you’re traveling by plane, it is important for you to keep in mind the weight of your baggage. You simply can’t risk going overweight and wish your hardest that the person behind the counter would be nice to you and let it go. Most of the time, you won’t get any special treatment so you better follow the rules. Here are some useful tips you can keep in mind to avoid excess baggage fees when traveling.

1. Pack Light – This can be very difficult especially for people who simply have to bring everything they own when traveling. Keep in mind the stuff that you can already use in case you’re checking into a hotel — towels, slippers, bathrobes, etc. These can stay out of your luggage and be left at home.

2. Consider Your Shopping Items When Traveling – You might end up buying souvenirs and a whole lot of other things during your trip. If you’re bringing too much in your luggage in the beginning, you will end up with excess baggage by the time you get home. Leave space for anything you might be bringing home with you after traveling.

3. Bring a Handy Digital Scale – These portable digital scales come cheap in online stores and travel stores. Make sure you have one of those so you can measure the weight of your baggage before checking them in.

4. Consider Lightweight Luggage – A lot of people take for granted the weight of their luggage. Some of those suitcases can weigh a lot already. Add on everything else inside it and you’ll have hefty excess baggage fees for sure. Consider going for something lightweight instead.

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Author: Glenn Tuohy

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